At Home He's a Tourist

He fills his head with culture/ He gives himself an ulcer.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

In over a month we've received only 4 applications for J.E.'s position--and one of those was in-house. I've heard that most academic library jobs receive over a hundred applications. It's depressing that the only job I could get is somewhere no one wants to be.

But that makes travelling all the more valuable. ACRL: John Waters' luncheon address was predictably tasteless and hilarious. I saw a presentation on federated searching which I think has sold me on the idea. Unfortunately the restaurants in the Inner Harbor area were overpriced and bland (and why do P.F. Chang's waiters all dress like Dieter?), but I hiked 30 minutes to the Mt. Vernon neighborhood for a tasty Indian buffet. The American Visionary Art Museum was also a bit overpriced, but I liked some of the pieces, especially some paintings in Italian Renaissance style featuring traditional religious scenes (Last Judgment, St. Christopher carrying the Christ Child, etc.) with primates in the place of humans. I might never fly American Airlines again, since my flight was delayed 27 hrs.

Then Ft. Worth last weekend--book shopping, Korean food, Japanese exhibition at the Kimbell, and Pablo introducing me to Buffy and Torchwood. Next month it's Dallas for the AMIGOS conference.

Reading: Fritz Leiber, Three of Swords; Mine Yoshizaki, Sgt. Frog (cute and fun but too many panty shots), Kiyohika Azuma, Yotsuba&!.

Keywords: Puffy Amiyumi guitar chords tab Forever



Who would've thought that I'd find a boy like you

C#m F# B Baug
But when I saw you there I knew,yes I knew

That we'd never be torn apart from the start

C#m F# B E
We'd make our first dance last forever (Bud-a-bup-pa-ba)(4x)

Am E
Please don't break my heart before we start this love afair

Am G B
It would make my teary eyes shrunk dry(oh what a guy)