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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


A biology prof requested we purchase about $1000 worth of MCAT prep DVDs and CD-ROMs. I explained that we don't have the necessary equipment for those formats in the library. His response: "Oh, that's okay, I was just planning to check out the items and keep them in our department permanently." Grrr...[We went ahead and bought the items, by the way.]

I went to Sunday School expecting the latest installment in the pastor's ongoing series on the Lord's Supper when he dropped a bomb: the mother church is cutting off support in March. Just when I was getting settled in...So should I head to Rome or Wittenberg? I think Lutherans give better coffee hours.


John Mortimer, The First Rumpole Omnibus--Comic stories about a sarcastic London barrister,clearly inspired by Wooster and Jeeves--Rumpole combines Wooster's recurrent allusions to past episodes, his fondness for quoting English poets, and his subjugation under strong-willed female relatives, with Jeeves' quick wit. Not at the level of Wodehouse, but good stuff nonetheless.


Stalker (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1979)--Three men wander around a deserted power plant for 160 minutes. Art-film paradise! A-

Lubbock Lights (Amy Maner, 2005)--Bills itself as a documentary about the history of popular music in Lubbock, but mostly focuses on the Flatlanders, a proto-alt-country band which recorded an underground classic in the late '60s and promptly fragmented into fairly successful solo acts. Interviews, snippets of concert footage. Low-budget but competent. B

Millions (Danny Boyle, 2004)--First half is fresh and funny, but then slowly succumbs to triteness, reaching its nadir at the painfully sappy interview between the child and his dead mother. Good to see a positive use of Christian elements, even if only as a fairy tale.B-

Björk at the Royal Opera House (2002)--Looks good, sounds good. Most of the songs are from Vespertine, her best album. She isn't one for on-stage banter, but the DVD extras have plenty of interviews with her and the supporting musicians. A-


Blogger pablo said...

Sorry to hear about your OPC church losing its funding. Given that your biggest problem with the LC-MS was its views on predestination, it shouldn't seem so bad to you after hanging out with the Calvinists for a couple of years.

5:49 PM  

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