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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Dreadfully slow day at work, although I did get an honest-to-goodness reference question, which is something of an event around here. A student in the Religion Department's "Sects and Cults" class is doing a project on Zen Buddhism and needed to interview a practioner thereof. No, he wasn't willing to drive to Santa Fe, where I am sure there are plenty to be found. After googling for a couple of minutes (I reckon this is what reference librarians are reduced to nowadays: particularly adept googlers) I found, to my surprise, a listing for "Empty Sky," a Zen center in Amarillo. ("Empty Sky" is the perfect name for such a place, combining doctrinal and geographical appropriateness.) I gave him the contact info and also recommended he look at Kapleau's Three Pillars of Zen.

If I weren't Christian I'd probably adhere to Zen; I always liked its mystical bent and predilection for paradox. The curious thing about "Empty Sky" is that, according to the listing I found, the Roshi is a Catholic priest.

Drinking: Sierra Nevada Stout; Watching: Monty Python's Flying Circus; Listening: Talking Heads, Remain in Light.


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