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Friday, December 17, 2004

Book Reviews

Ault, James M. Spirit and Flesh: Life in a Fundamentalist Baptist Church. Knopf, $27.95.

Publishers Weekly: “Ault masterfully combines narrative with careful, and frequently groundbreaking, analysis. What is most striking is the way Ault brings his whole person, not just his capacity for insightful abstraction, into the story. Required reading for anyone who would understand America’s most conservative Christians.” Kirkus: “Informative and well-informed.” Books and Culture: “Ault is at his best when pointing out the ironies of positions on both sides of the liberal-conservative divide. Ault’s weakest point, on the other hand, is his explanation of why political conservatism and religious fundamentalism go hand in hand. This explanatory muddiness might account for the occasionally excessive repetition in the analytical parts of the book.” Christianity Today: “Ault carefully portrays the fundamentalists he befriends with both honesty and sympathy—as people, rather than as caricatures. Lucid prose. This brilliant book is essential for anyone who wants to better understand fundamentalism—or for fundamentalists who desire to understand how they are viewed by others.” New York Times: “A mix of ethnography and spiritual autobiography that deserves a hearing from fundamentalism’s cultured despisers. The twists at the end of the book are reminiscent of a good novel.” Library Journal: “Beautifully written and thoroughly researched study. Somewhat dated bibliography.” Booklist: “Provides as unbiased a glimpse into the hearts and minds of fundamentalists as might be found.”


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