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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Book Reviews

Sarna, Jonathan D. American Judaism: A History. Yale, $35.

Publishers Weekly: “outstanding survey…sprightly prose.” Library Journal: “breaks new ground…This book, which succeeds as both scholarship and as a popular title, is highly recommended for most libraries.” First Things: “Important. Sarna is a master of American religious history. Every page of Sarna’s elegantly written narrative yields insights into the development of American Judaism.” History: Review of New Books: “This ambitious undertaking has been accomplished in a manner that will reward and hold the interest of lay and religious scholars as well as general readers. Sarna’s probing is thoughtful, sensitive, informative, and optimistic.” Choice: “Highly recommended.” Commentary: “In some ways, a masterpiece. It will be indispensable to anyone who cares about the topic. But there are gaps in coverage." Christian Century: “Sarna’s gem of a book is almost as illuminating about the Christian background against which Jews made their way in America as it is about that Jewish story itself.”


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