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Thursday, August 12, 2004


Oberg, Michael Leroy. Uncas: first of the Mohegans. Cornell.

Choice: "Thoroughly researched in archival and ethnological sources, this book gives Uncas his due and clarifies trends in competing cultures. Summing Up: Highly recommended." Library Journal: “A fascinating picture of a complex Native American leader who shrewdly and effectively utilized his alliance with the English to advance the cause of the Mohegan people, often at the expense of other native groups. This well-written work is recommended for all libraries in New England.” Journal of American History: “For his nicely nuanced and minutely detailed narrative, historians of native southern New England owe much to Michael Oberg.” William and Mary Quarterly: “Oberg avoids caricaturing Uncas and humanizes him. A rich biography.” History: Review of New Books: “detailed and lively narrative…But the deliberations of Mohegan councils and the complexity of Mohegan tribal politics are missing from Oberg’s analysis. Scant sources may be to blame…The only available biography of this significant figure. It is ideally suited for an undergraduate audience and is a good read for scholars despite suffering from the thin analysis typical of biographies.”


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