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Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Troeger, Richard. Playing Bach on the Keyboard: A Practical Guide. Amadeus Press.

Choice: “A remarkably comprehensive volume that poses all of the initial questions on this topic, supplies the correct answers, and then gives readers the resources to expand those answers with additional reading. Essential.” American Record Guide: “Thought-provoking, fairly comprehensive. Troeger’s instincts are very good; still, I think he could have pointed to works by other composers (for instance, Albinoni) that Bach knew in order to bolster his observations. The book contains a wealth of information and many practical suggestions for keyboardists, and it would be useful in the classroom. Best of all, it is informed on nearly every page by its author’s fine musicianship.”Musical Times: “Although the book asks few sharp questions, the friendly, seldom critical references to recent literature and the many practical suggestions are helpful to the learner. Full of common sense and musicianship, the book can be happily recommended to undergraduates, should they ever read 300 pages on anything.”


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