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Sunday, August 29, 2004


Mommsen, Hans. Alternatives to Hitler: German Resistance Under the Third Reich. Tauris, 29.95.

Library Journal: “well-researched…a highly sophisticated work from a mature historian at the top of his game. For all history collections." History: Review of New Books: “Undergraduates with some basic knowledge of the German resistance will find this book informative. Unfortunately the lack of the original scholarly research notes in the English translation diminishes the book’s value for graduate students.” Choice: “This book supersedes Hans Rothfels’s The German Opposition to Hitler and supplements Peter Hoffman’s The History of the German Resistance.” First Things: “Especially helpful in depicting the kind of Germany and Europe that the conspirators envisioned after Hitler.” Political Science Quarterly: “The last chapter of the book is excellent in its balanced and honest acknowledgement of the long distance traveled by the greater part of the conspirators: from a traditional anti-Semitism to an understanding of the criminality of a genocidal regime. Mommsen’s study is important for an understanding of modern Germany as well as of the bedeviling features of modern totalitarianism.”


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