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Thursday, August 26, 2004


Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History. $695.

Reference and User Services Quarterly: “Each of the articles is written with minimal technical jargon. Several points of entry make using this title straightforward. This work accomplishes what it set out to do, giving an excellent historical overview of the intersection of economics and mankind from prehistoric times to the present. Contributors provide concise yet meaningful entries that are presented in an organized and easily understood manner. It is a wonderful complement to other more narrowly focused economic history resources, or an excellent reference for a collection that lacks any other. Although written with an eye toward undergraduates and general readers, graduate students and faculty may also find this work useful.” Booklist: “A valuable interdisciplinary reference tool. There is no source comparable to this. Highly recommended for all academic libraries as well as larger public libraries.” Choice: “Effective use of cross-references leads readers to broader or narrower topics. Highly recommended.”Library Journal: “Comparative coverage is surprising in some cases...Bibliographies at the end of articles usually contain a dozen or more fairly recent references..An extensive index makes fairly esoteric subjects accessible...The set’s scholarly articles are well written in an academic style. Because of its price, focus, and noted flaws, however, the set would be a useful purchase only for larger academic libraries.”


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