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Friday, July 16, 2004

This afternoon my brother and I drove from Knoxville to my parents' house in Madison, AL.  A librarian on holiday has to go book shopping, of course, so my brother and I stopped along the way at McKay in Chattanooga.  For those of you keeping score, I picked up cheapo copies of:

  • Evelyn Waugh, Vile Bodies (I liked Brideshead Revisited and A Handful of Dust, so I was happy to find this in a $3 hardback)
  • Dom Aelred Graham, Zen Catholicism (I read this years ago at Notre Dame; Graham makes a good argument that the best elements of Zen are part of the Catholic mystical tradition)
  • Mark Twain, Recollections of Joan of Arc
  • Sr. Mary Jean Dorcy, O.P., St. Dominic (published by TAN, that bastion of ultramontane Catholic literature)
  • Monica Furlong, Merton: A Biography
  • Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

I was hoping to find some good sci-fi, but no luck so far.  Hope remains, though, since there are some good used bookstores in Huntsville. 


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