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Saturday, July 10, 2004


We definitely need these robot book shelvers because our student workers do a half-assed job of it. We've found entire rows of books out of place, obviously due to the student workers dumping a cart of to-be-shelved books onto the nearest empty space. How lazy do you have to be to find shelving a couple of dozen books burdensome?


Blogger Felix said...

"Huron State" has the same problem. "Suburban P.L."'s shelving isn't quite as bad, but the shelvers (high-school students) are sloppy about ordering an author's books by title the way they're supposed to.

I would suggest that for the sake of accountability, certain shelvers be assigned explicitly-defined ranges to shelfread and keep in order. Otherwise there's no accountability for how well or how sloppily they work, and laziness will take its toll.

(Egads. I sound like a Victorian labor foreman... what is this profession doing to me?)


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