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Thursday, April 08, 2004


Holifield, E. Brooks. Theology in America: Christian Thought From the Age of the Puritans to the Civil War. Yale, $35.

Library Journal: “Holifield is a master of his material and brings to it a rare depth of unbiased understanding…Highly recommended for all but the smallest collections" Atlantic Monthly: “magisterial…authoritative…commandingly elucidates the theological conversation…this will remain for at least a generation the definitive chronicle of an essential aspect of American religious and intellectual history.” Christian Century: “delineates with precision and remarkable insight the development of Christian theology in America from the time of settlement until the Civil War...will become a standard reference work for students in seminaries and religious studies programs, as well as for religious professionals…Some readers may flinch before the erudition displayed in this volume…The many years of research invested by Holifield in this project have paid huge dividends.” Publishers Weekly: “majestic…a first-rate, richly evocative and unrivaled history…graceful prose and measured historical analysis…marvelous study…The sketches of Edwards and Horace Bushnell are alone worth the price of the book. This masterfully narrated, splendid book will become the definitive study of the development of American theology.” Choice: “the best survey of antebellum American theology in print. While making an outstanding contribution to historical studies in theology, Holifield has enriched the broader study of American intellectual history…a richly detailed account based on exhaustive research…a magisterial intellectual history that succeeds admirably…A very important work for all academic libraries, this is an essential addition for theological libraries.”


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