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Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Campbell, Randolph B. Gone to Texas: A History of the Lone Star State. Oxford, $35.

Choice: “a solid and substantive survey history…very balanced and comprehensive narrative structure provides even coverage to the entire sweep of Texas history…Masterfully written and meticulously researched and resting on a comprehensive consideration of the previous historical literature, this volume sets new standards for survey histories of Texas and should be required reading for persons interested in the history of the Lone Star State. Future works will be judged against it for years to come. Essential. All levels and libraries.” Publishers Weekly: “Superb…Campbell writes with authority and clarity…His coverage of such matters…are models of their kind, and surely no one has written so well while so briefly about how Texas became Southern…there may not be enough about Texas society…to satisfy some readers. What’s best about the book and what will make it attractive beyond Texas borders is Campbell’s healthy skepticism about claims that Texas is unique among the states. He’s also critical where criticism is clearly warranted…Campbell shows an unusual ability to judge people in 21st-century terms without losing sight of the long-ago context of their acts. A dividend for readers is the book’s unusually good maps and diagrams.” Library Journal: “broad-brushed survey…superb, engrossing…Highly recommended for academic and public libraries and any college-level Texas history course.” Kirkus: “A well-written survey, rather less entertaining than T.R. Fehrenbach's now-standard Lone Star, but meatier, too.”


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