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Monday, April 05, 2004


The Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre & Performance.

Library Journal: “This new work on theater and performance will set the standard for decades and become the reference of choice in these areas. The international authors and editors brnig a true breadth to the effort. Essential for both public and academic libraries.” Choice: “Kennedy builds this excellent reference around 4,300 alphabetized, signed, and richly cross-reference entries…Highly recommended. All academic collections.” Reference and User Services Quarterly:“A most welcome addition to the area of theater reference…successfully caters to specialist and layperson alike with entries that are direct and accessible without forfeiting a scholarly and studied approach…What you will not find in this encyclopedia are discussions of literary matters about drama or particular works; the editors feel that they are sufficiently covered in other resources…The set does have some problems, although they are principally with layout and are more annoyances rather than major concerns…Bibliographies are not consistently included…the encyclopedia is one that will be an exceptional resource for a great variety of users. The clarity and the coverage in this set guarantee its usefulness for any academic and public library.” Booklist: “The six-volume World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre [which we have] has even more detailed international coverage of current theater practice in other countries but lacks comparable ease of access…The Oxford Encyclopedia is a solid set, recommended for academic and large libraries with strong theater collections.”


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