At Home He's a Tourist

He fills his head with culture/ He gives himself an ulcer.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Coming back to Texas after a 12-year hiatus up north has meant getting reintroduced to some regional conversational idiosyncracies. To name a few:

(1)The pro forma invitation--"We'll have to have you over sometime" you are told, and never hear from the person again.

(2)The honey-coated dagger--"She's an odd bird, but she sure loves the Lord."

(3)The "Lord just" prayer--"Lord we just lift up Harold, and we just pray that he recover from his bursitis and Lord we just ask that you be with his family, Lord..."

(4)Baptist lingo--"We preach the Bible, not theology," "a relationship, not a religion," "centered in the will of God," "personal relationship with Jesus."

The Sunday after the shuttle accident I went to both a Baptist and a Catholic service. The Baptist preacher was careful to pray only for the crew's family, whereas the Catholic priest prayed for the souls of the departed. It seems to me even the Protestant can pray for the deceased, since God foresees the future and on Saturday morning could give grace to the dying crew in response to the prayers on Sunday morning. (This is why I don't think 2 Macc 12: 40-45 proves the doctrine of purgatory, contrary to the assertions of some RC apologists.)


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