At Home He's a Tourist

He fills his head with culture/ He gives himself an ulcer.

Friday, February 14, 2003

Following up on my resolution to complain less, I will say that the rest of today turned out pretty well. While walking to the gym this afternoon the sky was so perfectly blue and the cumulus clouds so white and crisp that the vista looked eerily like a painting. After my workout I saw an enormous anvil cloud to the north, so I got in the car and took I-27 out of town. A mountain range of clouds tinged with orange from the setting sun hovered over the plains. The scene got dull after sunset so I turned back to town, picked up a pint of Shrimp Lo Mein on the way home, and watched my latest snooty French film from Netflix, The Taste of Others. It was well done and, as it turned out, very apropos for Valentine's Day. It's a story about three women whose prejudices lead them to resist the advances of the men with whom they eventually find love; the stage actress who rejects an unsophisticated businessman; the bar wench and occasional drug dealer who won't admit her feelings for an ex-cop; a make-up artist who has caught the eye of a bar owner with poor taste in clothing. I'll admit to making the same mistake once or twice. Lest I make the movie sound like an unrealistic Hollywood feel-good flick, I should also say that the unlucky get screen time too: the businessman's wife, sister, and chauffeur are all dumped by their romantic partners.


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