At Home He's a Tourist

He fills his head with culture/ He gives himself an ulcer.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Had a useful meeting with the education department in which I let them know how much money they had left (especially since the ERIC database is now free). I passed around a list of their standing orders, hoping that they would want to cancel the Children's Literature Review and Something About the Author subscriptions which eat up thousands of dollars a year, hog shelf space in the reference section, and gather dust. In fact they didn't even remember requesting that they be put on standing order to begin with. However, last year I sent the list to the dept. chair by campus mail and asked that he review it for titles no longer necessary. He sent it back with no revisions. I guess this is an object lesson in the value of meeting with people face to face.

I decided not to extend my San Antonio trip into a weekend vacation--I need to save my money and energy for the Japan trip next week. Don't worry, though, Felix; I've already made my Texan hajj.


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