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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Book Reviews

Walzer, Michael. Arguing About War. Yale.

Choice: “Compelling. Although the book is based on previously published articles, it nevertheless provides fresh and cogent moral analysis of the role of force in the postmodern era. This accessible and elegantly written study is essential reading.” First Things: “Walzer is a committed man of the left with a talent for challenging leftist illusions.” Library Journal: “Highly recommended.” Publishers Weekly: “Walzer’s consideration of pros and cons can be so theoretically oriented that it is difficult to tell where he stands precisely. Events are outpacing some of Walzer’s deliberations, but his case studies put the issues at stake in relief, regardless of whether one accepts his conclusions.” Foreign Affairs: “Of particular importance is Walzer’s identification of a new postbellum category that demands as much attention as the more familiar areas. Walzer writes with admirable clarity, elegance, and common sense.”


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