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Monday, October 18, 2004

At work:

--We received a rental copy of John Updike's latest novel thru our McNaughton service. D.B. decided the cover might be too provocative for our upstanding Baptist patrons, and removed it before putting the book on the shelf. Oh well, such is evangelicalism.

--The chair of the Business department wants to spend all their materials budget on a couple of Reuters databases. Fine with me--business majors don't read anyway. (Still checking to see if Pablo is with us.)

Found a $4 used copy of Simon and Garfunkle's Bridge over Troubled Waters. Actually I detest the hits that made this album famous (the title track, "El Condor Pasa," "Cecilia," and "The Boxer") but some of the deep cuts are fun, particularly "So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright." ("Architects come and architects go...")

My bibliothecal brethren, be careful who you shush.

In all other respects our high school students may be mediocre, but at least they're damn good judges of meat!

John Cleese has new wine show for the Food Network. (Yes, occasionally I regret not having cable.)

German develops more efficient brewing technique.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


If the school's really going to be teaching you skills to take into real life (sic), then some business databases really are the way to go. Business decisions involve making hard decisions based on the best and most recent information, so books would be quite ephemeral. Spending ALL of it on databases might be extreme; but I don't know the budget, their students, or their research needs.


8:24 PM  

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