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Friday, September 24, 2004

Book Reviews

One for Felix's Christmas list.

Barnett, Randy E. Restoring the Lost Constitution: The Presumption of Liberty. Princeton.

Choice: “A major work of constitutional theory. The argument is clear, distinctive, wide-ranging in its use of historical and contemporary materials, and likely to provoke substantial scholarly reaction. Recommended.” First Things: “The arguments advanced are careful and clear, and the author’s search for original meanings of particular constitutional clauses is occasionally brilliant. And yet the jurisprudential reach of the book exceeds its analytical grasp, because Barnett opens with contradictory accounts of his two basic premises, constitutional legitimacy and an originalist method of interpretation.” Harvard Law Review: “This highly readable work is sure to be both illuminating and provocative for constitutional scholars and casual readers alike.” National Review: “Thoughtful, earnest, generally careful, and courteous. The book is weakest where it is most conventional.” Perspectives on Politics: “This is a compelling work of original scholarship, combining great analytical acuity with exhaustive historical analysis. It represents one of the most compelling libertarian readings of the Constitution to date and is a welcome addition to a never-ending debate.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that Constitution thing. I remember reading about it in school. Does it still exist?


11:04 AM  

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