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Thursday, August 19, 2004

NPR: At thirty years old, Dungeons and Dragons is still popular, even among those who grew up with it and are approaching middle age. "There are definitely moments when I sit around and look and I'm like, 'I'm 38 years old; what am I doing with my life?' But it only lasts a short time."

I had a lot of fun with D&D in elementary and junior high, but with the proliferation of rules it got too complicated for my tastes. In the last session I remember playing, in 9th grade, we spend a couple of hours arguing about some inconsistency in the Player's Handbook regarding what languages a character of a certain race and class could learn!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm in a weekly FRPG game. When I started, we were playing Star Wars. Now we're playing D&D 3.5. I think that the game has gotten better since 1.0. There's been a lot more play testing since then. Also, practically everyone is using some computer assistance (very helpful in roling up characters), so you can consistantly keep track of a lot more.

We did argue about the Grease spell last game. But that lasted maybe 5 minutes, tops.


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