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Thursday, June 17, 2004


Larson, Edward J. Evolution: The Remarkable History of a Scientific Theory. Modern Library, $21.95.

Library Journal: “A clear, concise, and highly informative overview. This outstanding book is highly recommended for all academic and public libraries.” Kirkus: “A brisk survey. Larson aptly summarizes the familiar story of Darwin’s discoveries and the ensuing sensation, with good coverage of such important supporting figures as T.H. Huxley and Alfred Russel Wallace. He also offers balanced treatment of the religious objections, as well as to the idea of ‘improving’ the human species by selective breeding. Larson does a fine job of showing the main intellectual currents, effectively setting them in historical context. Thoroughly readable, evenhanded, and well documented.” Publishers Weekly: “This latest entry in Modern Library’s Chronicles series isn’t ‘evolution for dummies’—it requires concentration and some effort—but Larson’s survey should make valuable reading for young people going into the sciences and other science buffs.” Virginia Quarterly Review: “Who would dare attempt a sweeping history of evolutionary theory? Edward J. Larson pulls it off with seeming ease. Difficult concepts distilled into elegant prose.”


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