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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Radio Silence: How NPR purged classical music from its airwaves. We have just the opposite problem here. The Lubbock NPR station, KOHM, is almost entirely devoted to classical music. We have Morning Edition and All Things Considered, of course, Click and Clack and Garrison Keillor, Thistle & Shamrock on Friday and a few hours of jazz on Thursday evenings. Otherwise it's classical, classical, classical. Most of the NPR/PRI programs I liked to listen to in the Midwest--This American Life, Putumayo, Fresh Air, Piano Jazz, Wait Wait, etc.--are unavailable. Here it's all Sunday Baroque, Harmonia, With Heart and Voice, Performance Today. The reason might be because the station is run by Texas Tech and the Music School there is fairly large. Or maybe they're strapped for cash and can't buy some of the more popular programming.


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