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Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Brimelow, Peter. The worm in the apple: how the teacher unions are destroying American education. HarperCollins, 2003. 286p bibl index afp ISBN 0-06-009661-6, $24.95

Choice: "Because Brimelow pulls no punches, he occasionally swings wildly, but overall his critique is devastating. He cites a wide range of scholarly studies, but it is his ability to weave anecdotes, interviews, and NEA leaders' public statements and actions into a coherent picture that makes this book so readable and significant. Highly recommended." National Observer: “Mr. Brimelow has brought research skill, valour, and frequent wit to this analysis of America’s schools.” First Things: “Lively and frequently polemical. A manifesto that, if taken to heart, could help move millions of children into the adventure of learning.” Booklist: “Rougher reading than Alien Nation but just as bracing.” American School Board Union: “This book overlooks many of the advances made by teachers unions that have benefited both teachers and students. But even if you object to Brimelow’s take on teachers unions, you should find worthwhile material in the back of the book.” Publishers Weekly: "Suffers from selective use of research and unnecessary teacher bashing (e.g., he opens the book with a commentary on how extraordinarily fat teachers are) to make the point. He can also be hypocritical, as when he accuses union spokespeople of hyperbole when warning against vouchers, merit pay and other conservative proposals for school reform, yet engages in much of the same, detracting from what might otherwise be a welcome addition to the national conversation on education."


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