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He fills his head with culture/ He gives himself an ulcer.

Friday, May 14, 2004


Lindstrom, Martin. Brandchild: insights into the minds of today's global kids and their relationships with brands. Kogan Page, 2003.

Choice: "the authors, highly experienced professionals who have written other well-received publications, provide practical explanations pertaining to this generation's definition, perception, and acceptance of global brands. The analysis is written in a nontechnical manner and provides excellent insights and explanations of "tween" behavior. Recommended. Public; academic, upper-division undergraduate and up; and practitioner collections." Booklist: “Although the book is aimed at marketers, parents and educators—and tweens themselves—will find much fascinating information here.” Library Journal: “provides a global yet intimate picture of tweens in the world today. While little concrete information is provided about the study itself, the firsthand observations and brand-name case studies offer a window into a group about whom many of us know very little. Obviously, this book will quickly become dated, but it gives current marketers the information they need to target the youth market. Recommended for marketing collections in both academic and public libraries.” Brand Management: “There is no denying the thoroughness and scope of the research that underpins Brandchild.” Marketing Research: “descriptive and interpretive rant…It is both a fascinating and practical read...will provoke fresh thinking and provide a clearer understanding of what is happening with youth today.”


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