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Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Ghosh, Kantik. The Wycliffite Heresy: Authority and the Interpretation of Texts. Cambridge, $65.

Renaissance Quarterly: “Ghosh’s book is highly readable, and he presents his argument lucidly…a valuable addition to Wyclif/Lollard studies.” Anglican Theological Review: “a very good book…The keen perceptions which Kantik Ghosh offers in his work of careful scholarship, so meticulously researched and documented, will be of much assistance to scholars.” Medium Aevum: “a learned and passionate book…Two of Ghosh’s qualities are his ability to convey the wood of intellectual history and the trees of Wyclif’s arguments at once, and the engaged skepticism with which he views those arguments…He earns the right to his skepticism by the care with which he reads both Wyclif’s opponents…One might object to some aspects of the book’s narration of events…But this is an absorbing, intelligent, and self-aware book.” History: Review of New Books: “complicated language…not for the fainthearted…Ghosh’s knowledge of the subject, coupled with a scholarly apparatus that includes copious documentation and a bibliography…will undoubtedly endear the book to an audience composed primarily of scholars and students with some knowledge of hermeneutics. A less erudite audience will find it ponderous, pedantic, and stilted…Those reservations aside, The Wycliffite Heresy will be a valuable addition to the scholarship of the area and era.”


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