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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Movie Roundup

Triumph of the Will--Yawn...Interminable parades and bombastic speechifyin', though materfully filmed. Skip unless you're a student of history or cinematography. Ghost in the Shell--Downbeat anime from the mid-90s has more than a touch of Bladerunner; in a futuristic Asian city a cyborg cop muses philosophically about memory and personal identity while blowing people's brains out. I still haven't figured out all the plot, but the action is gripping. Small Change--Low-key vignettes portray French kids varying in age from infancy to puberty. Gentle humor makes this pleasant viewing, but definitely lightweight compared to Truffaut's more well-known films. Peter Pan--A beautiful but overlong adaptation. Rachel Hurd-Wood is charming as Wendy; also check out French film babe Ludivine Sagnier showing off her gams and horsing around as Tinker Bell. The main problem: the idea of a boy who refuses to grow up is simply incomprehensible to me. Well, time to get back to the PlayStation...


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