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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Grocery Store Tunes

I turned into the canned beans aisle and a teenage girl was swaying and lip synching to the Supremes' "Reflections" playing over the speakers. It warmed my old heart to see that the kiddies recognize musical excellence across the chasm of four decades.

It was also quite surprising to hear "Dr. Wu," one of Steely Dan's drug dealer songs (cf. "Kid Charlemagne," "Glamor Profession.")

GWTBS Round Two: Lit
The English faculty requested 90 books which have received 17 circs and 3 in house uses=0.22 uses per book. I requested 19 books which have received 5 circs and 1 in house use=0.32 uses per book. A solid if not spectacular victory. The most utilized item: A Historical Guide to Nathaniel Hawthorne, requested by a professor. Upon further investigation I noticed that all the installments that we own of the "Historical Guide to American Authors" series circulate well, so I think I'll buy some more.


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