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Monday, January 12, 2004


Kass, Leon. Beginning of Wisdom: Reading Genesis. Free Press.

Publishers Weekly: “contributes little that is new to the academic study of Genesis…little that is original or provocative….In addition, the academic tone and sometimes thick, impenetrable prose…limit this book’s effectiveness and value.” Booklist: “profound reflections on natural and human origins.” Kirkus: “A learned and fluent, delightfully overstuffed stroll through the Gates of Eden…Mix Harold Bloom with Stephen Jay Gould and you’ll get something like Kass. A wonderfully intelligent reading of Genesis.” First Things: “expansive, curious, fascinatingly rich and digressive…Kass’ nonhistorical, analogical reading of Genesis isn’t ideal even for the first eleven chapters of Genesis; therefore we should not be surprised when the patriarchal narratives post rather a challenge for him...” Library Journal: “presents many enlightening insights…offers much to be pondered by thoughtful readers, both academics and, especially, educated laypeople…Highly recommended for larger libraries; essential for church and seminary libraries.”


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