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Thursday, July 31, 2003

Robert Christgau Word of the Day

in·gé·nue also in·ge·nue n. 1. A naive, innocent girl or young woman. 2. a. The role of an ingénue in a dramatic production. b. An actress playing such a role. (

Patricia Rushen Straight from the Heart [Elektra, 1982]

Hard to believe this nouveau ingenue was once a full-time jazz pianist--forgetting "Forget Me Nots," the whole first side could be one dancy vamp, and since in pop you're supposed to write the tunes beforehand you have to wonder how she fared when she had to make them up on the spot. Did a lot of vamping, I suspect. Granted, there's real songcraft on side two, if nouveau ingenues are your idea of real. I prefer side one. C+ (


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