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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Books and Culture: A Christian take on rock criticism:

Pop music criticism has grown so insular, full of itself, hipper-than-thou, and, most important, aesthetically disjointed from the thing it claims to examine that we'd best start over—beginning with a rediscovery of the granddaddy of all modern rock critics, Lester Bangs. I took out a subscription to Spin but found the reviews to be pretty worthless, so I concur. But no mention of Christgau? I haven't read Bangs but anyone who raved over Astral Weeks is worth a look.

NYT: Four Mothers of Manga Gain American Fans With Expertise in a Variety of Visual Styles

Japan Times: A native of Idalou and Texas Tech grad, John Toler, West Texan turned Zen abbot, dies. There are some fascinating people in this world.


Blogger Felix said...

Have you come across any critics (other than R. Christgau) whose judgment favorably impresses you?

9:26 AM  
Blogger Carlos said...

Honestly, I haven't read too much rock criticism. Dave Marsh, Jimmy Guterman, and Chuck Closterman are all entertaining, but I don't share their tastes (oldies in the case of the first two, hair metal in the case of the third).

8:12 PM  

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