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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Whenever I visit the family I end up seeing a Hollywood blockbuster. Today it was War of the Worlds. It's a noisy spectacle with impressive special effects but little human interest. Not that Speilberg didn't try to get us attached to his characters--he devotes the first twenty minutes or so showing us Tom Cruise's dysfunctional family life--but the dialogue wasn't well-written enough to be compelling. If you want to see a good Speilberg movie about a spoiled suburbanite family (with cute little blonde girl, natch) coming together in response to a destructive non-human presence, go rent Poltergeist.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also saw "War of the Worlds" yesterday at a Westwood Theatre. Despite the high expectactions the line was surprisingly short and the theatre half-full. I think word-of-mouth will eventually "kill" this movie. I don't mind been manipulated in a movie when it is necessary to carry a good story but Spielberg choice to use images inspired by 911 victims covered in dust and other similar imagery is not sublte and it doesn't really work. Spielberg's exploitation of a dreadful tragedy such as 911 just to make money is extremely disgusting and appaling. This formely notable director has lost his senses. On top of that Spielberg ends the story (as usual) with a corny and unbelievable happy ending, something which 911 will never have. Tom Cruise zig-zags between overacting and underacting. He also seems directionless most of the time. Dakota, probably the most talented young actress in Hollywood, is missused as a little screaming brat who play against her real character by going histerical when she shouldn't. The same goes for the rest of the characters, they all seem dumb and almost deserving of their tragic faith. The aliens are exact replicas of the standard alien you have seen many times before on Independence Day and many other movies, and I hate to say, they are not scary at all. The movie would not have been a total piece of trash if Spielberg wasn't such an insensitive idiot trying to make money by exploiting our fears of terrorism. I give it 0 stars just for that.

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