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Wednesday, April 14, 2004


Gould, Lewis L. The Modern American Presidency. Kansas, 15.95.

American Historical Review: “rich both in interesting observations about the presidency and in astute accounts of each of the presidents from McKinley to Clinton. Gould only errs seriously when he strays from his theme…One wishes that Gould had given more consideration to two aspects of the late twentieth-century presidency that really are new: the persistence of divided party government as the normal governing situation in Washington, and the development of the vice presidency into an office of genuine influence and importance…” History: Review of New Books: “an accessible history of the modern American presidency that is perfect for classroom use, and that also has an important hypothesis for the specialist…an outstanding book…masterfully mixes institutional history with a look at the individual political skills of each of the presidents…His argument is hardly a new thesis, but Gould’s prose and gift for the telling quote makes it come alive…Gould’s penultimate conclusions will startle some and provide excellent grist for the college classroom…well grounded in the literature, a joy to read, and pleasantly provocative.” Perspectives on Political Science: “a well-written narrative…a particularly good read for the general adult reading audience and college undergraduates.” New Leader: “a sure pen and a mature perspective…” Booklist: “valuable and provocative.” Library Journal: “leaves the reader hungry for a generalized evaluation and synthesis. Overall, however, does a solid job of reviewing the modern presidents and giving a general audience a readable, engaging text.” Choice: “an engaging and thorough analysis…Highly recommended.” Publishers Weekly: “An astute primer and a concise, intelligent survey.”


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