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Monday, November 24, 2003


I'm not too concerned about this sort of scientific explanation of Biblical miracles, because the fact that the proposed natural causes occurred exactly when they needed to is evidence enough of divine providence...

Humphreys, Colin J. The miracles of Exodus: a scientist's discovery of the extraordinary natural causes of the biblical stories. HarperSanFrancisco, 2003. 362p bibl index ISBN 0-06-051404-3, $24.95.

Choice: "This thoroughly enjoyable and fascinating book is not easy to classify. Part science, part religion, part travelogue, part apologia, this is an attempt by Cambridge University physicist Humphreys to show that the biblical Exodus really happened as described in scripture, and that there are valid scientific explanations for all the various miracles of the plagues of Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea, etc. This, of course, is not the first time somebody has tried to do this, but Humphreys's account is the first one this reviewer has encountered that gives a convincing argument for every incident...Highly recommended." Booklist: “Although the complexity of some of the techniques he employs (and the scrutiny with which he examines the most minute details) may prove taxing from some general readers, most of the time the narrative is nicely paced and thoroughly intriguing. Certainly, Humphrey’s enthusiasm is infectious…There are, of course, other books that offer theories about the Exodus, but this one deserves a place in the forefront.” Publishers Weekly: “Humphreys’ analysis reflects an unusual combination of homework, legwork and creativity…his enthusiasm for his subject and joy in puzzle solving have a contagious appeal in spite of occasionl quirkiness…The book’s title is somewhat misleading since Humphreys’ goal is to reconstruct the whole Exodus narrative…rather than to focus on the miracles themselves...Although many of his hypotheses have been published before, Humphreys’ refinements of detail and especially his comprehensive retracing of the exodus route will invite curiosity, debate and perhaps some new ways of approaching the Exodus story in historical terms.” Library Journal: “a fascinating, highly readable series of scientific explanations for the miracles described in the stories of ancient Israel’s exodus and wanderings in the desert…Though controversial, his work is carefully researched and cogently argued…Recommended for both public and academic libraries.” Kirkus Reviews: “Humphreys takes a schoolmasterish tone…that readers will find either pleasantly meandering or maddeningly roundabout—but just about always to the point. Biblical history buffs will likely enjoy Humphreys’s exodian excursions—even if his conclusions do tend to steal some of God’s thunder.”


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