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He fills his head with culture/ He gives himself an ulcer.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Have I done this one before? Can't remember. Anyway, the album should be rated an A...

Robert Christgau Words of the Day

plum·my adj. plum·mi·er, plum·mi·est 1. a. Filled with plums. b. Smelling or tasting of plums. 2. Choice; desirable: a plummy leading role; a plummy job. 3. Exceedingly or affectedly mellow and rich: a plummy voice.

plan·gent adj. 1. Loud and resounding: plangent bells. 2. Expressing or suggesting sadness; plaintive: “From a doorway came the plangent sounds of a guitar” (Malcolm Lowry). (

Oumou Sangare Ko Sira [World Circuit, 1993]

Established now, she stretches out, which in general is more fun for her than it is for us. Note, however, the almost giddy response her plummy, plangent call gets from her delightedly girlish backup followers by the end of the seven-minute title workout. Regal yet outgoing, this is the model of a woman who could lead a movement. B+ (


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