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He fills his head with culture/ He gives himself an ulcer.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Not much to blog about; life is routine. I finished reading the Marxist-feminist biblical studies book Library Journal gave me to review. It reads like a dissertation, the drab prose clogged with endnotes to and lengthy quotes from the scholarly literature. The interpretations are sometimes clever but always speculative; for instance, according to the author the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil represents the literacy to which the peasantry (symbolized by Adam and Eve) are forbidden access by the monarchy (God), a class distinction which is enforced by the military (the cherubim with the flaming sword). Almost as goofy as that academic joke which analyzes Gilligan's Island as an allegory of the Seven Deadly Sins (Skipper=Gluttony, Ginger=Lust, Maryann=Envy, etc.)

Tomorrow I'll go with K. and some of his undergraduate friends to see Bulletproof Monk. Since I like Kung Fu movies I'm hoping this spoof will be entertaining.

I found out that there is a Southern Baptist Library Association, and I found out I'm going to this year's meeting, in Austin. A couple of weeks ago my director handed me a brochure advertising the conference "in case I was interested." Since there were very few lectures scheduled, I figured I wouldn't learn much and so decided to forego. Today the director came in and said "The head of the SBLA called and asked if I was going and I said I wasn't but I thought you were." Turns out that the "in case I was interested" was an oblique way of saying I will be interested. I'll be traveling a lot next month; a week before the conference, I'll be flying out to Alabama for my sister's graduation.


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